AirTalk Instructions


1. How to use

a) Download AirTalk

The AirTalk App enables you to make international calls to Kenya and calls from within Kenya to local mobile networks including: Safaricom, Telkom Kenya and Airtel. AirTalk is available on both iPhone and Android.

App Store App Store

b) Create Account

Select “Create Account” at the bottom of the screen and fill in your details.


c) Account Activation

An email from with an activation link to confirm your account will be sent to you. You will be redirected to here. Enter your password to confirm your account.
VUP4 is a one-stop hub which allows you to manage your profile, track your invoice, manage your account and subscriptions and much more!

Return to the AirTalk App installed on your mobile device. Login using the credentials you provided.

d) Top up your account

Your account has now been activated. Top up your Account using one of the many world-wide available payment methods (Paypal, credit cards, pesapal and more). Search your contacts and start AirTalking!


e) Invite friends and family

AirTalk is better with your friends and family on it. Invite friends to download the AirTalk App and stay in touch with friends and family in Kenya.

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2.How To Buy A Kenyan Number on AirTalk

Make even cheaper international calls on AirTalk by purchasing your very own Kenyan number. There are two ways to buy a Kenyan number: in the AirTalk App and in your VUP4 user portal

Note: To buy a number you must have sufficient balance in your AirTalk Account. To learn how to top up your account, click here

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Buying a Kenyan Number using the AirTalk App

a) Click on the triple bar menu icon
b) Go to Account and click “Numbers”.

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c) Choose your preferred Kenyan mobile network operator.

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d) Click “Buy Number” and choose “Ok”.

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e) You will automatically be assigned your new Kenyan number. You can now view your number under “Numbers” in your Account. Share your number with family and friends so that they can call you at local calling you never left Kenya!

  • Note: The purchase amount will automatically be deducted from your Account Balance.
  • Note: If you would like to choose a preferred number, buy your number via your VUP4 User Portal [insert link on how to buy a number via VUP4 User Portal].
  • Note: You can buy as many numbers as you want!

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f) To delete a purchased number, simply click on the ‘Edit’ icon and click next the "X" to the number you would like to delete.

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3. Buying a Kenyan Number via your VUP4 User Portal.

a) Go to your AirTalk User Portal sand Login. Click on the triple bar menu icon at the top left hand side of your screen.

b) Go to “Account” and click “Phone numbers”. Select the ‘plus’ icon

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c)Complete the following details:

  • Country: Kenya.

  • Your preferred mobile network operator: Safaricom (+254 70 xxx); Telkom (+254 20 xxx).

  • Number: Your preferred Kenyan mobile number from the choices provided.

Subscription 3

d) Confirm the purchase of your chosen number. Your Kenyan mobile number has been assigned to you! You can now call Kenya at local rates…like you never left!