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Install VoIP Extension Phones in Your Office and Save Calling Costs

Do you have a Wi-Fi connection in your office? Then you can save on airtime making almost free internet to GSM calls within your office. AirTalk VoIP office & IP-PBX phone system supports internal and external business communication in small, medium, governmental, non-governmental and multi-national organizations.

Our AirTalk VoIP office system allows you to make free calls to office extension phones within your local and international branches. You can also use this AirTalk VoIP office phone extension service to make and receive cheap local and international external calls.

Save Money on Local and International Business Calls

VoIP technology is way cheaper than the traditional analogue telephone system. AirTalk VoIP charges you a fixed monthly maintenance fee of KES 580 per phone extension.

Here are the benefits of AirTalk VoIP office system:-
  • Free internal calls (extension to extension)
  • Free to answer calls from Kenya
  • Affordable rates for external calls from as low as Kes 2.00 per minute
  • HD voice and video call quality
  • Uptime rates of up to 95.6%

Improve Productivity with Advanced Call Features

Our easy-to-install office AirTalk VoIP and IP-PBX system comes with a wide range of features that make it easy for you to boost productivity at work. Being a portable system that you can carry with you anywhere you go, you will never miss important business calls again. In addition, you can answer your business calls on the softphone anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. This means that you can carry your office wherever you go. If you are a frequent traveler or an international company with remote workers, AirTalk VoIP Office and IP-PBX phone system will ensure seamless communication even when you are on the move.

Here are other features that improve productivity within your office:-
  • Company directory & shared address book for easy caller identification
  • Automated attendant system to ensure caller connect with the right department without the help of an assistant
  • Personalized greetings and caller ID
  • Team Messaging service to save on time
  • Face-to-face meetings with your remote and international workers through the videoconferencing feature.
  • Softphone and voicemail to ensure you continue getting calls outside work hours.
  • Virtual office number to ensure you receive calls anywhere in the world cheaply.
  • IVR technology to detect existing customers and channel their calls to the correct department.
  • Click to call
  • Receive and send files while on call.
  • Ability to handle multiple calls without putting callers on hold.
  • Presence and instant messaging

VoIP Office Phone System for Your Hotel, Hospital, Multi-National, Supermarket, School, Call Center & SMS

Hospitals, call centers, schools, universities, retailers, manufacturers, supermarkets, NGOs, Multi-national organizations, Small and Medium Businesses, Churches, serial entrepreneurs who want to keep in touch with department heads among other can use our AirTalk VoIP phone system. You will not incur extra charges to move your phone system from one location to another. Our AirTalk VoIP office phone system allows you to move with your phone without any need for extra IT support. In addition, you can easily switch to remote work because the phone system is cordless and not attached to your location.

Here are other advantages of our AirTalk VoIP office phone system:-
  • Add or remove phones easily
  • Add extension phone in your home
  • Encrypted for secure calls within and outside your organization

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Looking for VoIP Office Extension System Installation Services in Kenya? Call Us at +254 723 403 466 for Help

Ready to switch from the traditional analogue office extension phone to AirTalk VoIP office phone system? As long as you have a fast internet connection, AirTouch can help you switch to cheaper office calls with AirTalk VoIP office phone installation. We support all company sizes.

Office VoIP FAQs

  • Can I use AirTalk VoIP Office phone at home?

    Yes, you can use your AirTalk VoIP office phone at home as a standalone phone or as part of your office phone extension.

  • What Do I Need to Migrate From Traditional Analogue Office Phone to Office VoIP?

    All You Need is a VoIP-compatible phone, a DID number from us, and stable Internet Connection.

  • Can I Use Office VoIP Anywhere?

    Yes. You can use your AirTalk VoIP office phone anywhere in the world.

  • Can I Make Free Calls in My Office?

    Yes, when you install AirTalk VoIP phone system in your office, you can call your extension phones for free. Additionally, you will be able to make free AirTalk to AirTalk calls.

  • How Do I Set Up Office IP Phone for AirTalk VoIP Calls?

    To configure your desk IP phone for AirTalk VoIP calls in addition to the AirTalk VoIP app on your mobile, use Gateway as:, Port: 5060 (optional), Account and Password same as in your AirTalk VoIP App.

  • Can I Use My Office VoIP Phone to Call Other Phones?

    Yes, you can call and receive calls from any phone using your AirTalk VoIP office phone system.

  • How Many Calls Can AirTalk VoIP Office Phone Handle at a Time?

    Our AirTalk VoIP phone system supports unlimited calls at the same time. Your callers will never find your phone busy.

  • Does Your VoIP System Come With an Internet Service?

    No, our AirTalk VoIP office system will use your current internet connection.

  • How Much Internet Bandwidth Do I Need to Make Quality VoIP Calls?

    A bandwidth of 100kbps is enough per call.

  • Can I Make Calls When there is a Blackout?

    No, our AirTalk VoIP phone service is supported by the internet and electrical power. Your phone needs to be plugged into the electricity grid and the internet always for it to function. If there is no electricity or internet signal, your AirTalk VoIP office phone won’t function. However, you can continue receiving and making calls through your mobile app using your GSM data.

  • What Is a Caller Id?

    A Caller ID is the number people will see when you call them or the number you can be called back. A Caller ID is also referred to as a DID number. Instead of seeing your mobile number, they will see your DID number.

  • How Else Can I Make Business Calls Using AirTalk’s VoIP Service?

    We can configure your computer and smartphone to work with your AirTalk VoIP office system. This will allow you to make and receive business calls through your computer and smartphone, as long as you are logged in and connected to the internet.

  • Does AirTalk Support Number Porting?

    No, AirTalk VoIP does not support number porting. In case you no longer need to use our AirTalk VoIP services, you can always delete the number and uninstall our app.

  • What is Auto Attendant?

    This is a feature that allows your company to engage a virtual receptionist to direct callers to the right office by directing them to dial the right extension number.

  • What is a Softphone?

    A softphone is software that allows you to make VoIP calls through your mobile, laptop and desktop. AirTalk VoIP app is a softphone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

  • Which is the Best VoIP Desk Phone for My Office?

    There are several desk phones that are compatible with VoIP. These include Panasonic, Cisco, Yealink, Huawei, Grandstream, Avaya, Flyingvoice among others.

  • How Can I Secure My Office Calls?

    AirTalk VoIP calls are encrypted end to end. To ensure the security of your office calls, use strong passwords and deactivate accounts that are no longer in use.

  • How Do I Set Up Extension Numbers for My International Branches and Remote Workers?

    Ensure your workers have a VoIP phone then we’ll guide them with the configuration process. Alternatively, they can use AirTalk VoIP app to link up with the main office phone system.