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Call Kenya with premium call quality using the AirTalk App. AirTalk offers best call/voice quality at the best price. Make cheap calls to your friends and family in Kenya from anywhere in the world for a staggering $0.06 per minute!

Who needs AirTalk app?

AirTalk App is ideal for persons (international citizens or travellers) who live or travel regularly outside Kenya and want to remain connected to their family, friends or business contacts back in Kenya at affordable price. AirTalk App makes your calls to Kenya completely stress-free.

Our App is well designed to accommodate users at all levels. You create and activate your account in few minutes. Just fill in some mandatory and optional fields then get your account activated through email or SMS to the provided email address or personal mobile number.
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get you onboard.

Frequently asked questions are answered right here!

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AirTalk has an inbuilt payment gateway that allows users to recharge via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express (under Pesapal payment mode).

Secure data

Your account and data is secure as we do not share data with third parties. You are also covered by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Call your loved ones irregardless of their phone type

AirTalk is different to other calling apps because you can call anyone in Kenya whether they have a smartphone or not.


Download our app on the App Store or on Google Play and get started!

And just like that you can call anyone who's in Kenya for only USD 0.06 per minute. Yes you read that correct.

“AirTalk is a handy app for anyone who travels out of the country and needs to make phone calls back home in Kenya. I love it!”

Pic Emma W. - Customer

People just like you are already loving AirTalk

  • It's clear to see how easy it is to call anyone without incurring exorbitant roaming charges. You can call anyone from Kenya - no matter what phone they have (smartphone or not doesn't matter). It's an excellent app in my opinion.

    Akinyi K.
    AirTalk Customer
  • I love AirTalk and how Mpesa payments are accepted. Brilliant app!

    Mwangi C.
    AirTalk Customer
  • A fine example of a useful app for the diaspora has been brought to life here. Saves you a lot of money if you are calling people back in Kenya.

    Galgallo T.
    AirTalk Customer

Why choose us?

  • Security

    With end-to-end encryptions, our switching platforms give the assurance of confidentiality. Customer data is well secured and not accessible to any third party.

  • Quality calls

    Calls to Kenya using the AirTalk App are of premium call quality. We use Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted conversations for minutes on end.

  • Coverage & Rates

    Currently our AirTalk VoIP covers calls to Kenyan numbers only. Calling rate to Kenyan fixed lines and mobile lines is $0.06/min. You will only be charged for making outward calls.

  • Transparent Billing

    AirTalk VoIP uses per second billing; you pay for the exact duration to the second. Our inApp billing feature puts everything clear and in perspective. There are no hidden charges or surprise surcharges. Your account balance and Call Detail Report (CDR) is transparent from your AirTalk App.

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Connect with your loved ones, friends and family from anywhere in the world. Get all these and more by downloading the AirTalk App today – it’s free!

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