How to top up


1. How To Top Up

a) Open the AirTalk App installed on your device. Click on the triple bar menu icon on the bottom right-hand of your screen (iPhone Users) or top left-hand side of your screen (Android Users).

b) Select “Account” and click “Top Up”.


Payment mode

c) There are many ways to Top Up your AirTalk account. Choose your most convenient payment method [insert hyperlink of full list of available payment methods] from a choice of over 50 options including VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and MPESA.

  • Note: All currencies are standardised at US Dollars ($).
  • Note: If paying via MPESA use your country code when entering phone number e.g. (254 75x xx xxxx).

Payment Approved

Once your payment is approved, your balance will automatically be Topped Up. You can now make cheap international and local calls.

Captioned Image

Choosing top up amount

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Top up and offers

Subscription 1

2. How to purchase AirTalk Subscriptions

There are two ways to purchase AirTalk Subscriptions: in the AirTalk App (Android Users) and in your account (iPhone and Android Users).

Purchasing Subscriptions using the AirTalk App

Click on the triple bar menu icon

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Subscription 2

Purchasing Subscriptions using the Website

a) Go to the website. Enter your username and password to Login to your account.

Subscription 3

b) Click on the triple bar icon on the top right-hand of your screen. Go to Account and click on “Top Up”. Select “Autorecharge”.

Subscription 4

c) Manage your AirTalk subscriptions in Account > Subscriptions.

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