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Make Cheap Calls Locally & Internationally With Home VoIP Phone System

Install AirTouch’s home AirTalk VoIP phone system and keep your call costs down. We ensure that your local and international calls from AirTouch home AirTalk VoIP phone are affordable. Our tariffs are cheap, allowing you to call friends and relatives in Kenya and abroad for as low as Kes 2.00 per minute.

    Other features of our home AirTalk VoIP phone system include:-
  • Voice to text
  • Host HD video calls
  • High voice quality
  • Caller ID
  • Free AirTalk to AirTalk calls
  • Make calls from the desk IP phone, AirTalk VoIP calling app or laptop

AirTalk’s Home VoIP Phone System Keeps Your Family Safe

Ever wondered about strangers and predators finding their access to your children’s phones? A smartphone is addictive and can promote unsafe habits for your children and teenagers. However, with a desk home AirTalk VoIP phone system, you can rest assured that your children are safe.

Here is how you can keep your children safe with our home AirTalk VoIP phone system:-
  • Reject anonymous calls automatically
  • Track callers from your app
  • Break smartphone addiction in children with a desk phone
  • Connect your home phone to your office extension system
  • Encrypted calls for security
  • Receive monthly reports with all call data
  • Record incoming calls for review

Call Kenya from the Diaspora for Free

When traveling abroad, you can download our AirTalk VoIP calling app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and call your home AirTalk VoIP phone from your AirTalk VoIP app free of charge! Calls from your AirTalk VoIP phone or app from the diaspora to other networks in Kenya will cost you only Kes 2.00 per minute.

You can also maintain your home number and continue receiving calls from your AirTalk VoIP App installed in your smartphone or laptop as if you never left. Furthermore, you can always configure your IP phone from anywhere in the world and keep receiving and making local calls without incurring roaming charges. If you are a frequent traveler or moving to another country, this solution will help you enjoy cheap calls to and from your friends and family here in Kenya.

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Ready to Install Home VoIP Phone System? Call Us on +254 723 403 466 for Help

Your family can save a lot of money with AirTouch home AirTalk VoIP phone. Our phone system is flexible, safe and secure. All your incoming and outgoing calls are encrypted. You can track calls and minimize your calls with our home AirTouch home AirTalk VoIP phone VoIP phone system. Additionally, we can configure your IP phone anywhere in the world, allowing you to maintain your virtual Kenyan number for affordable calls back home from the diaspora. Call +254 723 403 466 for a quote now.