Frequently asked questions about AirTalk

In case of any further questions that have not been raised here, please get in touch with us and we'll happily assist you.

  • Which countries are covered by AirTalk?

    Currently only Kenya is covered.

  • How do I create an account with AirTalk?

    Upon downloading our App from App Store or Play Store, you follow the steps provided therein.

  • Must I fill all the required details?

    No. You are free to fill only the mandatory fields and leave the others blank.

  • How secure is my account and call details data?

    Your account and data is very secure as we do not share data with third parties. You are also covered by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  • What are the calling rates?

    Currently our calling rate is 6.0¢/min to Kenya fixed and mobile lines on a per second billing. This rate may be reviewed from time to time based on market forces. We will always remain competitive in the market by giving you the best price and best premium quality voice calls.

  • What are the payment modes?

    Currently AirTalk App accepts payment through PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express (under Pesapal payment mode) and inApp purchase for both App Store and Play Store.

  • Which amounts can one top up with when making payment to my AirTalk account?

    Currently we allow only $5, $10, $15 and $20. You can top up here.

  • What is the calling format?

    All outgoing calls from AirTalk account must start with 254 then the number without the “+” or “000”. For example, to call our support line 0723403466, the calling format should be 254723403466. All incoming calls to your Kenya DID number should be in format +254208770000 or 0208770000 format.

  • What is auto-recharge?

    Auto-recharge is designed to ensure your account always has funds for a continuous call. Once you activate auto-recharge, it monitors your account balance then automatically charges your card for the set amount to top up your AirTalk account.

  • Why does AirTalk App take time to load?

    This depends on the internet stability on the device you have installed the AirTalk App.

  • Do my minutes and topped amount expire?

    No. Your minutes and topped amounts remains in your account all the time.

  • Why should I buy the Kenya DID Number?

    This is to ensure security of your call and that no one else uses your Kenyan DID number to make calls. It also allows you to receive calls from Kenya though receiving calls from Kenya is optional.

  • How do I buy the Kenya DID number?

    You do this from your AirTalk account under “Buy Number” or “Numbers”.

  • Do I have an option to select a number of my choice?

    Yes. You can do so from your account using this link here. Here you will find a list of numbers to choose from.

  • Can I make calls without the Kenya DID Number?

    No. We have ensured you purchase a Kenya DID Number before you are allowed to enjoy AirTalk App best premium quality voice calls at best price.

  • What is the setup and monthly cost of the Kenya DID Number?

    Setup is free. Monthly DID Number fees is $2.99. This makes your AirTalk account active and usable.

  • How do I pay for monthly DID Number fees of $2.99?

    This is automatically charged to your AirTalk account at the start of each month. If there are no funds in your account, the DID number will still remain active and take the fees upon you toping up your account.

  • What is my caller ID when calling Kenya from AirTalk App?

    The caller ID when calling Kenya from your AirTalk App is your Kenya DID number.

  • Can I hide my caller ID so that my number is not known by the people am calling?

    Yes. Please send an email to aclsupport@airtouchkenya.com requesting for blocking of Caller ID number.

  • Can I release my Kenya DID Number in case I do not need it in the coming months?

    Yes. you can delete the Kenya DID number and it will be released but you will not be able to make outgoing calls.

  • Can I setup my AirTalk account on an IP Phone?

    Yes. User Gateway as: voip.airtouch.co.ke , Port: 5060, Account and Password same as in your AirTalk App.

  • Can I call another AirTalk account from my AirTalk account?

    Yes. Always ensure the calling format from your AirTalk App is 254723403466. This peer to peer call is free.

  • Can I make free on-net peer to peer calls?

    Yes. Just dial the DID number of your peer from your AirTalk App.

  • Does AirTalk App offer money transfer?

    Not at the moment. It is under consideration for future addition.

  • How do I use AirTalk App when traveling out of my home country?

    AirTalk App is designed to work from anywhere in the world so long as you are connected to quality internet. However, to avoid high roaming data charges, always ensure you use AirTalk App only when connected to Wi-Fi when traveling out of your home country. Turn on travel mode in your call setup. This will never let you connect a AirTalk call with mobile data except Wi-Fi.

  • What should I do when not able to make calls using AirTalk App?

    Occasionally you may face challenges when calling with AirTalk App. When this happens and you are not able to find a solution please reach out to our support team at aclsupport@airtouchkenya.com and we will help you out. Before you contact us, first ensure you have quality internet where AirTalk App is installed and your account has funds.

  • How do I troubleshoot my call on my own when my call connects but with poor sound quality?

    You might be hearing the person on the other side in a garbled tone, or they might hear you and you can’t hear them, or maybe they sound too far away, or the call is breaking up. It does not matter what is causing the poor communication, the point is that your call connected, but you can’t hear the other side clearly, or they cannot hear you. In this case check your internet connection. If this is the problem you are experiencing, please make sure you have a stable quality internet connection. You can test this by calling with a different connection type. If your call quality improves then your connection is causing the problem. If the problem persists please reach out to our support team at aclsupport@airtouchkenya.com and we will help you out.

  • What should I do when my call never connects?

    If your call cannot connect at all, then there are many causes that could be the reason. You need to check what connection type you are using to call (Wi-Fi or Data). Check your connection type. Maybe the connection type you are using is affecting the quality of your call. A poor internet connection can cause your calls to fail. Trying another connection type may help you to fix the issue. Also check and ensure that your AirTalk account has funds.

  • When I encounter an error message from the other end, what should I do?

    If you are encountering an error message, then the message may tell you what the problem is. Examples of error messages are as below:

    • Low credit message - you could be hearing the low credit message for several reasons: You are out of credit to call the number you wish to call. Check your balance and check the number you are dialing is in the correct Kenya dialing format (254723403466) and reachable. You could be calling directly with phone lines, and you are out of credit with your local operator. You might be hearing the low credit message from your operator, not from AirTalk App. Try call from AirTalk App if this is the case.
    • The number is not reachable - If you are hearing the message that the number is not reachable then you are hearing that message from your contact’s operator, not from AirTalk App. This means your contact has turned off his phone, or is otherwise unavailable. Reach out to your friend by other means to make sure you have the right number and that your friend is available.
    • No message, no ring tone, just silence - Please wait and try after about 10 seconds to see if the call connects anyway. This sometimes happens, especially when calling some remote locations in Kenya. We cannot always guarantee that we will get the right audio of ringing or busy tone from the destination telecom company.