About AirTalk app

AirTalk App is ideal for persons who live or travel regularly outside Kenya and want to remain connected to their family, friends or business contacts back in Kenya at affordable price. AirTalk App makes your call to Kenya completely stress-free. Call Kenya with premium call quality when using AirTalk App. AirTalk offers best call/voice quality at the best price.

With end to end encryptions, our switching platforms gives the assurance of confidentiality. Customer data is well secured and not accessible to third parties whatsoever.Calls to Kenya within our switching platforms are of premium quality.


Call your friends and family in Kenya from anywhere!

We use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to route your calls to Kenyan Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) numbers. We have ensured our data centre has enough server and internet resources to route stable quality voice calls at all times. To maintain quality voice calls, it is also expected that clients using our calls to Kenya services are connected to strong Wi-Fi internet or 4G and above mobile data.

Our App is well designed to accommodate users at all levels. You create and activate your account in few minutes. Just fill in some mandatory and optional fields then get your account activated through email or SMS to the provided email address or personal mobile number.

Currently our AirTalk VoIP covers calls to Kenya numbers only. Calling rate to Kenya fixed lines and mobile lines is 6.00ยข/min. Incoming calls are free. Peer to peer calls are also free. You get charged for outgoing off-net calls only. sWhen you call Kenya numbers using AirTalk, $5 gives you 83.33 minutes while $10 gives you 166.67 minutes. This is value for your money. Best price. Best quality voice call. AirTalk VoIP uses per second billing; you pay for the exact duration to the second. Our inApp billing feature puts everything clear and in perspective. There are no hidden charges or surprise surcharges. Your account balance and Call Detail Report (CDR) is transparent from your AirTalk App.


AirTalk app interface on mobile phone

How AirTalk app works

By using AirTalk App, our switching platforms make calls to Kenya effortless. Your calls to Kenya are all local calls. It does not matter where you are located in the world. This is the beauty of a connected world. It is that simple.

We are licensed by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) as an Application Service Provider (ASP) in Kenya. The license allows us to interconnect and use Network Facilities Provider (NFP) network to transport our VoIP services. With AirTalk App, you can call any telephone number (Fixed and Mobile lines) in Kenya from anywhere in the world. What you need is to download the AirTalk App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


AirTalk App: Call Kenya from anywhere in the world